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What will West Chicago look like in 20 years? What do you want it to look like, and how do you see yourself in that future city? The comprehensive planning process of West Chicago Forward is asking these kinds of big questions to ensure an inclusive, thoughtful comprehensive plan to guide West Chicago’s future. One of the first steps to making a great comprehensive plan is gathering and analyzing information and statistics to get a full picture of life and circumstances in West Chicago today. We also are surveying West Chicago residents and businesses, and talking with many community members and stakeholders, too. We have organized this research into three categories: People, Place, and Economy. These categories overlap in many ways, and we encourage you to visit all three topics—People, Place, and Economy—to see what we’ve found out.


As of 2020, approximately 28,000 people called West Chicago home—and the city is growing more than twice as fast as DuPage County overall! With that growth, the city is positioned to play a much larger role in the region in the coming years.


When people talk about life in West Chicago, they always mention that the city feels like a small town. What are the secret ingredients that make that true? The place and its people, of course!


West Chicago has long had a vibrant local economy and has been a center of regional employment for decades. West Chicago also has notable transportation advantages because of its truck routes and truck-to-train cargo transportation.

About this process /

In developing a comprehensive plan, one of the first steps is taking a thorough look at where we are now. West
Chicago Forward will explore and analyze data in the following areas to provide a complete picture of the community
of West Chicago.

West Chicago: The People

  • Residents: Socioeconomic analysis and forecast
  • Community health
  • Leadership and partners

West Chicago: The Place

  • Community character
  • Land use and zoning
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Housing analysis and forecast
  • Parks and natural areas

West Chicago: The Economy

  • Analysis of trends
  • Business attraction and retention
  • Investment and implementation

Para crear un plan maestro, uno de los primeros pasos es reflexionar a profundidad sobre dónde nos encontramos ahora. West Chicago Adelante explorará y analizará datos con los siguientes enfoques para obtener una visión completa de la comunidad actual de West Chicago.

West Chicago: La gente

  • Residentes: Análisis y proyección socioeconómica
  • Salud comunitaria
  • Liderazgo y colaboración

West Chicago: El lugar

  • Carácter de la comunidad
  • Uso de suelo y zonificación
  • Análisis de infraestructura
  • Análisis y proyección de vivienda
  • Parques y áreas naturales

West Chicago: La economía

  • Análisis de tendencias
  • Atracción y retención de negocios
  • Inversiones e implementación